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Join me in my vision to let people with special challenges express themselves through visual arts by developing Teaching methods & building special drawing tools suitable for people who are visually impaired in addition to promote artists, develop and enhance the status of culture and art in the city of Nazareth.



Building a high-quality painting studio for art teaching


Developing and strengthening the position of culture and art \ Establishing artistic tourism in the city of Nazareth


We enable people with visual impairment to create and express themselves


about our project

Artist Exposure. Art education. Preserving the culture. social engagement  

Projects that you will actively participate in achieving are:

Painting with Imagination – building drawing tools to suit people with challenges with visual impairment. To give the opportunity for people with special challenges with visual impairments to learn drawing and express them selves through visual arts.

Nazareth Symposium – Developing and strengthening the position of culture and art in Nazareth – For the people of our dear city and the guests who have not yet visited us and are interested in the progress of art in Nazareth out of love for the city, culture and civilization, this is your chance to make an impact.

Art studio: to suit the needs of students and the concept of professional exhibitions.

And as we use to do every month:

If you are one who believes in giving, then this is what we believe in at the studio, so you know that part of our income is intended to support institutions that deal with children with special needs. Thus, every time you acquire a work of art or use one of our services, you in return support one of the children somewhere in the world. .

Vision and goals

  • Holding the annual symposium of arts in Nazareth, which will become an annual tradition in the city
  • Teaching the art of drawing to people with special challenges with visual impairment
  • Building a high-quality painting studio for art teaching
  • Allowing local artists, through the studio’s partnership with international exhibitions and societies, to attend creative conferences and workshops to showcase their work, while getting to know artists from all over the world.
  • Create a home for artists: The gallery is a home for artists from the Arab sector that supports all steps to promote them, and the association will include a virtual store, projects, prizes, exhibitions, production of albums and other creative ideas that can promote artists and share them with international artists.
  • Showcasing the artwork of established artists and those in their artistic beginnings.
  • To meet you with dozens of active artists around us, in the “heart” of the artistic practice
  • Make tours that include visits to studios and galleries and tastings of street art.
  • to attend at least 3 exhibitions every year in addition to other art projects
  • Attending workshops and lectures in various fields of arts.
  • Have a friendly place to ask questions and broaden your encounter with art
  • Developing the Nazareth showroom to preserve the old building and adapt it to students’ needs
  • Cooperation with UNESCO, through which the qualification symposium is held in Nazareth annually, thus developing the field of art in Nazareth (developing artistic tourism) and at the same time developing employment opportunities for hotels and guesthouses in the city.


We gain from what was given to us, and we give from what we gain


when you buy any artwork or use any service you actually support children in need, promote artist and preserve Nazarene culture by supporting our projects.



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