absolute case

1 art series / 3 art theme

a story about Humanity is in his abstract state الأنسان في حالته المجردة

searching, seeking Heaven,

Trying to free himself from the shackles of earthly laws to achieve his goal, this intention and this initial initial meaning
Silent warrior. The inner kingdom of man, only his abstract human identity, thinks of trying to understand the first truth, without identity, black as a shadow, shackled by the shackles of legislation, as he no longer has the strength that he has anything, only meditates, until he expects nothing anymore . Unable to change, unable to move, to watch, to try to understand, to become a musician, a poet, an artist, a seeker again, a student.

genesis theme

The day we realize the grace of abandoning, is the same day we become free again

From the beginning we human beings are born free supplied with all we need, reaching what we really desire, having the opportunity to choose what we intend to be..   nude but not naked.

any place, any time, but our unjustified doubt and fear had let us injured ourselves, our holy temple of pure awareness and choice of ability, our family of others, human beings and humanity in its sharp aware, our pointless ambitions and non mean less greed had let us hurt the pure of innocent intent leaving ourselves naked neither nude.. Not as the day we born

Imprisoned in the free land we had given from the first place, unattached with the free well we had received, losing our resource of aware and ability, no more realizations on.

believe & create

to ask, to wonder

From doubt will generate faith

We were not born deprived of the truth, it is our right, except that we have set laws like the limits for freedom that were given to us from the beginning .. We started .. We have captivated ourselves with our institutions, our laws, and our statutes until we killed that painter, musician, and poet .. as the farmer no longer became aware of this The wisdom of the earth, as this craftsman no longer realizes the intent of this tool .. The end no longer justifies the means.

That child has captured us, and we have killed the meaning, the truth of that thought, including its ability and sense of their own abstraction and their initial purity.

He who looks from above sees the first, objective facts, and he who looks at the earth will see what is on the ground, without an address

apostle no. 13

the conquest of paradise

the research for meaning within life, the intent seeking for the purpose.. we can’t reach.. simple as a child

if you ask the right question, eventually you will hear the right answer

the observer

we refugee

mission accomplished

2019 – 2020

mission accomplished theme


beyond litigation


The abstract man of

The Redeemer


Nature and Harmony

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