NO TITLE theme

1 art series / 3 related art theme

in the beginning the idea was created في البدء اوجدت الفكر  

genesis theme

a story about Humanity is in its abstract state قصة الإنسان في حالته المجردة

in the beginning the idea was created, the pure thought of the beauty intent of the creator, then it was shaped to a corporeal life, shapes, lines, colors and sounds, which we had received as a right, as an impression, and we had expressed by a given talent, it’s the first one truth…

believe & create

to ask, to care, to wonder
From doubt will generate faith

the conquest of paradise theme

the conquest of paradise

the research for meaning within life, the intent seeking for the purpose.. we can’t reach.. simple as a child

the philosopher / the absolute philosophy

if you ask the right question, eventually you will hear the right answer

to look from above…

we refugee theme

mission accomplished theme

mission accomplished theme 2016

beyond litigation

beyond our nature

The Redeemer


nature and harmony

other art series by Elias Akleh

Nazareth Impressions , portraits, 

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