Jesus Christ Realizations

Believe Absolute to Create an absolute within it

‘ it’s not another concept of another religion ‘
or a compulsory commandments

‘ it’s about the pure of Realizations ‘
consciousness, awareness and sensibility of your self abilities

your free choice for designing your life

powered by simplicity & the choice of love 

“the kingdom of father is within you”
” According to your faith let it be done to you ”
“ Your faith has saved you; go in peace. ”

belief & create within video

 it’s not another concept of another religion, or a compulsory
commandments, it’s about your absolute free of choice, Religion can not fix any heart
it distinguishes between human beings, within loving father. it’s about your own, free aware decisions, designing your life, powered by simplicity, and the choice of LOVE, within a trust, receiving Inner beyond harmony, peace, hope & joy, realizing your inner resources, To focus on what’s really important, thriving of your seeds, It’s about connecting people, within a supra nationality concept of loving humanity, and the power of unity, So It’s about  your conscious aware your lifestyle.what a man gain if he won the world,  and lost him self. so don’t worry about what you wear or eat, creativity within
your inner resources
your realization, choice & belief, the ultimate of Now

Just ” ask . seek. knock ” and Dive into the heart of the father

while religion separate belief release to connected within & beyond harmony, living within an absolute free realization awareness and ability, within Jesus you will thrive healthy, So It will happen for you just as you have believed

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Belief & Create {within}

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