Nazarene impressions

about the art series

in Nazareth impressions art series the artist showcase the rich  Nazarene culture by three themes

Cultural heritage of urban view & still life paintings & drawings

Social heritage drawings

Present urban view & landscape

Palettes From Memory


“once upon a time, there was a village, it’s the same village of sharp aware. in this village there was a…”

once upon a time, there was a village. it’s the same village of sharp aware. In this village, the priest, the carpenter and the teacher lived next to each other in perfect harmony. telling stories from life.

like the  snake and a fox  and a ferret..

In the series “palettes from memory” the artist displays a charcoal on paper Palettes which had taken and inspired from social life, still life and figures from Nazareth city.

medium: charcoal & pencil on paper

movement: realism




Nazarene Impressions


Nazarene Impressions


figurative and social life

charcoal and pastels, 2018

Impressions from Nazareth