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the artist inner harmonies

Belief & Create

in the beginning the idea was created, the pure thought of the beauty intent of the creator, then it was shaped to a corporeal life, shapes, lines, colors and sounds, which we had received as a right, as an impression, and we had expressed by a given talent, it’s the first one truth

if we could express every sense we receive with words then there will be no need for visual art’s or music

absolute within our impressions

the themes the artist working on comes through his interest on connecting his impressions about humanity and nature through contemplation for realizing the absolute truth behind “living” idea

Of understanding the pure intent of the creator, and the perfection beauty he wanted for his creations, it could be a man-made or a “god” made, the intent is one, the truth is one

painting & drawing in series make me searching for the meaning of the subject and searching for to see its perfection, the perfection in its global meaning & its individual meaning, of its first exist being intent.

my inspiration comes through Nature & Humanity, the universal & the personal holly temples of life.

the whole story

artworks by theme

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 ‘ Nazarene impressions ‘ 

No – title

Sacred Nirvana


Mission Accomplished


‘ Impression ‘

2017 – 2018

‘ Genesis ‘
2018 – 2019

Hand Craft