creative projects

taking your own inspiration and turning it to reality

appropriate for : business \  individuals \ social engagement

my projects based on artistic works for self and other individuals enrichment, some projects combined with a social prospective for promoting \ fundraising partners ngo’s worldwide, together we could reach much more people to make the real change in people’s life.

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family story projects

your family story by time in drawing

portraits and figurative art of your children, parents, wife and you

you can give this project for a friend too

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Impression – Nazarene impression theme

Nature, Landscapes, still life, social life & urban view of Nazareth city within oil paintings and charcoal drawings: conserving the history of the city of Nazareth by  oil paintings and charcoal drawings in order to preserve and keep memory for our children.

mission accomplished 

a figurative art series representing humanity facing life challenges. who can beat the system … to be a child represent the ultimate will of realization, yellow legislations the lead by greed, white represent the one between the all, black no identity, no hands no power, no feet no ability,

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commercial projects – taking your own inspiration and turning it to reality

previous projects 


oil paintings of Galilee sea – “private” collection project.


a paintings project for the “holy family hospital”, Nazareth – 80 acrylic colorful paintings.

fijan restaurant

guest house abu nassar

ice skate

books illustrations

no potato no tomato

a book by sarit gani – a taste of daily life in biblical times. The rhyming text, voiced by the stone, is accompanied by illustrations by artist Elias Akleh

 ongoing projects

I can see clearly

book – “learn how to see, to know and to Realize feelings & objects – how to develop your own language in art”

lessons for blind children

giving blind children the opportunity to express themselves through shaping lines and shapes by their own hands – non-profit project jointly “sisters of Nazareth”.

where most needed

believing in children sponsorship we intent to raise sponsors where most children and families needed for fundraising compassion intentional


absolute, disciple XIII

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