movement core

belief & create

you buy – i donate

Personalized child support movement by sponsoring their critical needs by contributing 60% of my income to NGOs supporting these needs such as safety, poverty alleviation, education, food and clean water …


we live by what we receive  and give from what we get

when you buy any original art or any copy you actually donate for ngo’s through my donations 60% from my art income selling for sponsoring children and supporting their needs

belief and create is the core guideline of self act and belief source for self-enrichment and empower by our given talent (aware, able & realizing) resources project


a non governmental supranational movement depends on individuals free given bread of personal talent and skill by act of giving and spirit of love.

causes we interact with

social programs

Children society

  • teaching art for free for children under 15 years old
  • art lessons for blind children
  • clothes and gifts for children

engage / sponsor this program

Culture preservation

  • Nazareth Museum
  • Nazareth heritage
  • native & indigenous preservation

Spirituality & Humanity

interact within


as a not for a profit movement we need your support by fundraising our gallery or fundraising any project you choose, you also can support us with artistic equipment

so please do not hesitate to Contact us if you are asking to buy, to exhibit, to cooperate, to fund raise or simply to keep in touch with our gallery


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