Absolute Case

A story about humanity in its abstract state

Man is an abstract entity by his creation by nature and since his birth he was created within the natural system abstracted from the concepts of values ​​and morals that we established ourselves as a system to control the human instinct and from it to build a “good” social system. And in an effort to achieve this concept in the most beautiful way, we have established a set of systems that distinguish us as in a human society in which the “civilized” person must increase his cultural, social and economic production. The concept of religions, including our foundations for creating the concept of good and evil, justice and injustice, permissible and forbidden, and consequently political systems, and from them the legitimacy was given to dominate and demand the other

Our awareness alone without our realization is the result of what our actions will lead to.. It is the basis of what we have created in terms of legislation and laws

Because of our awareness and our will to build a good and happy society, we put in place laws and legislation that guilt and exonerate without awareness of the reasons or taking them as if others were the culprit and we without that, laws that impose and restrict, we have built our complex system

On our way to building a happy society, we have created limits to individuality, we have built institutions and we have forgotten that our primary instincts are the foundation and the engine, and thus we have built a non-objective society and from it we were born with confusion and complications, and between them the individual’s self, his distinction and his features are lost, so it is not possible to build laws that fight natural instincts, the intent is good and the action Subjective, we have lost this child with a dream towards his passion, we are working, not doing, finishing things, not achieving the initial result, we have lost the painter, poet and musician. That philosopher who searched for the truth in us no longer confronted intellectual polemics, and this explorer did not return to confront those mountains and valleys.

We have forgotten that our instincts will prevail over the good of the other, and these instincts will guide our decisions.. It is not evil. It is the need for survival.. In the end, this system has eliminated exclusivity and distinction.. We work in the interest of the system and forget ourselves.. We killed the child, the painter, the researcher and the poet.. We became Miserable because of the system..the system is not doing its job..everyone is dissatisfied. Fear, anger and rebellion have become the solution, which is represented by the arts.

We had to realize that nature originally does not believe in morals and we are within this kingdom as well, but thanks to the awareness that we had with the evolutionary process that mixed us with the wise man, we wanted to belong to a better kingdom than this one that we call primitiveness or the stage of sticking to nature, so we established Since the ancestors built settlements and built cities and witnessed the eras of enlightenment and modernity and all transcendentalism, we have realized that we can count on each other as human beings superior to any other beings despite our inability to abandon our instincts. The times in which man lived his human childhood in primitive societies printed with “barbarism” were enriched by the days when there were no law and no governing systems, but the laws of nature and life, there was “nothing that could be unjust, ideas of right and wrong, justice and injustice have no place here.” Where there is no law, there is no meaning of the concept of injustice. This is before human life systems have changed on a relative and large scale, including human rights and freedoms, even if the expression is not correct. Its root is in every being.

The establishment of the concept of private property and the economic system has thus transformed man into barbarism and marginalization of others. He was unleashed under the auspices of laws that legitimize him as a being whose instinctive data includes a significant amount of aggressiveness “right” to be led behind his instincts, but not in the form that we see with the rest of the animals that do not. You have freedom of will and mind.

This does not mean that his instincts are things of evil, but rather of nature and the necessities of survival that necessitate fighting, but that system that we created and built is now putting man to want everything for him even if it is not for him, the thing that made man in a war against all, and one in a war against The community. The survival instinct appears to be instinctively evil in its essence, while it is just a demand for self-preservation at any cost

Thus, man had only to establish values ​​when he feared for his life from the other, and he did so to preserve his interests; So he created this evil, which he must keep away from as much as possible to produce that good, so that he can live within his social contract in which he surrenders to others some of his rights and freedom, or rather his evils, so that the other lives and lives as well.

We will discover later that all this confusion requires a structure of alliances between stakeholders among each other, and it has ended in restricting the freedom and uniqueness of the individual.

We must not forget that it is man who, first and foremost, bestows glory on things. He is the creator of values.


* * * * *