Believe, Create

practical notebooks, handbooks and sketchbooks designed especially for Entrepreneurs, curators and artists


notebooks for achievement series

Handbooks and notebooks from the NAZART GALLERY and Elias Akleh publications, designed with the help of business entrepreneurs, marketers, accountants and economists. The handbooks deal with various business entrepreneurship topics such as clarifying your vision, building your own business plan, strategy building, marketing, leadership, community organization, s.w.o.t and other topics. the collection specifically for business visionaries looking to start a small business and / or a private business owner. The handbooks are designed so that they can also serve as notebooks and concentrate your idea into a small notebook that will be used by you everywhere and also give motivation which is the most important element for the success of any new idea.
At the end of the notebooks and after filling in all the relevant data, you can write an abstract for each new project that comes to mind and concentrate on it later. All you have to do is leave this notebook with you at any given moment .. Use this notebook as a success in your own career

NAZART gallery & atelier series

creative edition

sketchbook is recommended for artists and anyone interested in visual art. The sketchbooks specifically designed with different unique backgrounds for visionary artists who aim to create special artworks. The sketchbooks aims to concentrate your idea into a small sketchbook as a whole theme. At the end of the sketchbook and after you finish all the artworks, you can write a description of the new theme and the philosophy behind the artworks, At the sketchbook you could also collect important contacts such curators, art galleries, collectors, patrons .. All you have to do is to keep this sketchbook with you at any given moment .. Use this sketchbook as your own unique theme success as an artist