jun 2017Nazarene nostalgia, group exhibition, NAZART gallery

opening on the new art gallery beside the annunciation church in the old city of Nazareth – visit website

apr,2017, Jean Tinguely “Luminator” exhibition event space (Euroairport), Basel, Switzerland

mar,2017,” in memory of reyad masarwi, group exhibition, Nazareth cultural center, Nazareth

23,feb2017, Hagoshrim exhibition, Hagoshrim

18,feb,2017, gengar group exhibition, gengar

15,feb,2017, opening of “Palestinian impressions“, group exhibition, NAZART gallery, Nazareth

6,feb,2017,  “my story with my home city”,group exhibition, Um elfahm

2015, 2016

15,dec,2016, opening of “mirrors” exhibition jointly Nazareth arts association, NAZART gallery, Nazareth 

October 2016, from Nazareth to Jerusalem, east Jerusalem

May 2016, the visit of Nazareth art society to the gallery and the establishment of its meeting for the formation of the art committees 

Feb 2016, opening of Elias Akleh gallery & atelier, Nazareth, ISR

December 2016, Prateinsel, Munich, Germany

October 2015, Allianz arena, Munich, Germany 

October 2015, Artists from Nazareth, daraart cultural center, Nazareth, Israel

October 2015, publication for the children book: no potato, no tomato, Birmingham, united kingdom

français , عربي , italiano , dutch

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