Elias Akleh atelier

Located in the throbbing heart of Nazareth, at the old city of Nazareth, , a 50-meter building divided into an art gallery and an art studio.

the gallery basically displays the works of Elias Akleh, which his Plates basically bother themes of humanity and nature

in addition the gallery hold exhibitions of established and emerging artists from Palestinian origins with other Israeli and international artists.

the gallery also act as a non-profit institute through its monthly donation for Ngo’s which takes care for children sponsorship and poverty alleviation worldwide.

giving, love

Educating, Creativity, Belief

in Humanity self promoting is the vision the gallery established on

Elias Akleh gallery cooperate with other artists, art associations and galleries worldwide.

opening hours

  • Monday to saturday : 9-14 / 16-22
  • Sunday: closed

(prefer contact prior to arrival)

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selling original arts (available prints)

global shipping  *  art advisory

Art studies in the studio

learn “to see”, to understand the sky, the earth, the butterfly, the shadows, the creations, their first intent, their beauty ,to create and to develop your own unique language


charcoal, oil, acrylic, pastel

Illustrations For Children Books

imagine, create, inspire

Wall Paintings For Children

children love to paint everywhere, so I do

work on glass

luxury, inspiring


taking your own inspiration and turning it to reality

NAZART gallery services

Exhibitions & curator-ship / one year wall  hire / studio hire arrangement

contact for arrangements

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