genesis / prelude

prelude & genesis

2017 – on going

humanity and daily life, our passion , our difficulties, to configure our purpose, our real need, above the simple intent, realizing more than just a shallow desires. in this existence only a few people are really trying to save their souls, their life .. your faith have saved you, healed you 


The day we realize the grace of abandoning, is the same day we become free again


From the beginning we human beings born free supplied with all we need, reaching what we really desire, having the opportunity to choose what we intent to be..nude but not naked.

any place, any time, but our unjustified doubt and fear had let us injured ourselves, our holy temple of pure awareness and choice of ability, our family of others, human beings and humanity in its sharp aware, our pointless ambitions and non meanless greed had let us hurt the pure of innocent intent leaving ourselves naked neither nude.. Not as the day we born

Imprisoned in the free land we had given from the first place, unattached with the free well we had received, losing our resource of awaree and ability, no more realizations on.


But finally we realize that what we need or desire is pure love.

medium: charcoal & oil

movement: surrealism




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