some facts about Elias Akleh

although he draw and paint in his write hand, he was born left hand dominated, but thankful to his mother which is left hand dominated and she hate this, she force him to use his right hand

Finished school in seminar st. Joseph (almotran) in Nazareth city, work in Israel He used to work as a rigstred nurse for eleven years (2006-2017) in holy family hospital, he was a head department of michanical ventilated dp. (2011-2017) – fatebenefratelli order.

he Can not distinguish between colors

almost no one could read his hand write

Study arts in Nazareth art college for tow years but didn’t continue

Start his own studio with no money in pockets by a help of constructer by his friend

everything starting from websites, videos, advertisement to all artworks are his handmade by his own philosophy