expo 2016

vista expo

now .. and especially
Created the plaque, language real awareness of this present capacity and perception, where everything speaks silently meaning of that nature and has a. . This garden filled with the shadow of Qadir awareness, childhood is Kadrak rentier state elite, intent is the same and there is sky, in order to create a simple flower and the goal of the greatness of his purpose
What the housing that land until we are now pleased to Nnfaj the painting, that the cloth and the paper feels like Ntarjeh simply furnace to another, from scene to another, from first awareness to another.

Barely touched the ground has gone Aghtvena charm prairie, desert and those Oasis
Natkv here we are now, as in the temple, where the secrets are uniquely with intrinsic ritual in hopes contract. All the wrong world began indelible, on the verge of vanishing
The birth of the world are slowly this scene, this land go up and look like they spread like fumes first, those clouds trembling, crescent moon is still damp, and all this scene is still Igtve with light blond, but some thing which took evaporates, heaven and earth Takhtltan, the same silence speaks here Kone reached, the same infinite peace

  • method:oil, combination of 2 / 3 colors
  • style: representation,  tonalism
  • landscape, sky escape

humanity expo

about the exhibition

  • charcoal
  • figures, urban view