courses out of the studio لقاءات رسم خارج المرسم


Drawing of the authentic urban view of MAGICAL NAZARETH

appropriate for local / for tourists

painting in surrounding landscapes and mountains of Nazareth 

A weekly meeting for drawing at the authentic old streets of  Nazareth

Nazareth is a magical city located in the northern district of Palestine

It’s the city of son of man and son of god as well

personalized instruction by Nazarene painter Elias Akleh

Participation fee: 100ils /25 usd / 20 Eur \\include equipment

interesting for participating للمشاركة في اللقاء التالي

next meeting اللقاء التالي

مدة اللقاء ساعتين

شاقل 100 / لا يشمل المواد

أو عن طريق الواتساب 0547748307