NO TITLE / بدون عنوان

genesis في البدء

03.01 – 01.03 / 2020

في البدء اوجدت الفكر  

in the beginning the idea was created, the pure thought of the beauty intent of the creator, then it was shaped to a corporeal life, shapes, lines, colors and sounds, which we had received as a right, as an impression, and we had expressed by a given talent, it’s the first one truth…

في البدء تطونت الفكرة

ان ترى وليس ان تبصر

من له يعطى ويزاد

انت صاحب الخيار

لقد ولد انسان

من ها البداية

 *  *  *


1 art series / 3 related art theme

a story about humanity in his abstract condition

gallery: elreda, elbishara 22, Nazareth

art theme



mission accomplished




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