“It’s just a view of the strongly system of sense of realism, it is the common language for all of us, where we share the same feelings and thoughts, and having the same situation for all of us

Here is where we communicate by color, line and shape and some social agreements, where the artist uses Impressionist painting to express the theme collector which put us in the first beginning, our beginning.

And now it seems that, colors, lines and shapes are the subject

This is the common language between nature, human and material, as the relationship between the land, the farmer and the plow, the same relationship with the wall, plasterers and his tool”.

medium: oil on canvas

movement: realism \ impressionism



medium: charcoal / pastel

2014 – 2015 / oil on canvas / movement: tonalism

medium: charcoal / pastel

2017 – 2019

medium: oil & charcoal


medium: Pencils

Four Season

Oil on canvas – 60cm/40cm

Oil on canvas – 20cm/20cm

Pastels & Pencil on canvas – Wood

Oil – Wood

pencils on toned paper

related themes

3 thoughts on “Impression”

  1. Wonderful color palette & beautiful landscapes!

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