Elias Akleh atelier

my atelier is my holy temple where i produce my own arts, provide some products beside providing  creative services as professional art education, special projects and much more

a small studio, a great passion

the studio located in the throbbing heart at the old city of Nazareth, in an authentic Nazarene building, few steps from the annunciation church.

the gallery basically displays the works of Elias Akleh  Elias Plates basically bother themes of humanity and nature.



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selling original arts (available prints)

global shipping  *  art advisory

art studio lessons

learn “to see”, to understand, to realize the sky, the earth, the tree, the shadows and the butterfly, the first creations, their first intent, their beauty..to create and to develop your own unique language

art education at the studio \ out spaces \ social engagement


charcoal, oil, acrylic, pastel

Illustrations For Children Books

imagine, create, inspire

Wall Paintings For Children

children love to paint everywhere, so I do

work on glass

luxury, inspiring


taking your own inspiration and turning it to reality

contact  for arrangements